Bradstreet V Edwards

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Anne Bradstreet vs. Jonathon Edwards
Adrian Ott
Anne Bradstreet’s poem expressed her love in a way that no other puritans had ever seen before. She was practically bragging about the relationship she shared with her husband, she even dared to challenge other women to compare their relationships with hers. She was not the typical puritan woman but she did not break any of god’s laws. Her view of god and religion are more modern compared to most of the views of the people in her time. She expressed all of her thanks to god and stayed consistent with what God would want.

Jonathon Edwards preached to his people in a way you would see hardly anyone preach today. He used very frightening and extreme scenarios to describe hell and what would happen if you were not saved by God. He used detail to describe how to be saved and why you should strive for salvation. This way of preaching seemed effective because nobody would want to “plunge into an endless abyss”, after one’s death. Although his preaching style seemed unorthodox, it got the job done, and he finished with a light of hope, showing the people that their God will always be there to save them.

Although Bradstreet and Edwards practiced the same religion, their views were very different. Bradstreet believed that God was happy with everyone but blessed her especially with her loving husband. Edwards believed that God was angry and told of nothing but punishments that God would enforce on his people. These two views were completely different, but they both spoke the same message; God is there for salvation. I believe that their message was consistent with their religion however; the messages were not consistent with each other.