Bradley's Barn and Avocado Computer

Topics: UCI race classifications, Waiting staff, The Table Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Bradley’s Barn

1.What are the salient situational factors?

1.1.Her daughter is allergic.
1.2.He has requested to be seated on a nonsmoking area.
1.3.The waiter made a mistake.

2.What are the salient situational factors?

Well, on this case I would suggest to ask for the waiter, sometime waiters do not care about people and they do their job as quickly as possible and request the staff to be seated on different place. So, Is she can not deal with it I strongly recommend to ask for Manager. Sometime, having conversation with Managers they usually resolve the problem because they have a different perspective of clients’ treatments.

Avocado Computers

1.What are the salient situational factors?

1.1Bill likes your work
1.2Bill is a stickler about cleanness
1.3You are miffed about the item that he has mentioned about cleanness.

2.What are the salient situational factors?

Well, In that case if I can deal with this situation I won’t put on the table this point as a part of discussion, but It is affecting me personally I would two option or resign the contract or on simple way let it go without complain.

Phelps, INC

1.What are the salient situational factors?

1.1Sales increases rapidly and more pressure on get results fasters 1.2To much issues on credits applications
1.3Policies and rules about credit applications are unrealistic

2.What are the salient situational factors?

Since I am the head of Sales personnel, I am strongly recommending reviewing the credit situation analysis performance to our customers.

1.I will define a table history of customers’ credit situation. 2.I will work with Credit Department to re-define rules and policies 3.Credit Department goals must be aligned to Sales Department 4.The primary rule must be increase the sale no matter what it has to take. 5.Present these new policies and rules to Director to be discussed and approved.
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