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  • Published : July 23, 2011
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1.By searching the Internet and library, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of RFID Systems. How does RFID compare to bar-coding? Did you find any RFID applications for services? RFID has several advantages and disadvantages and some of them are: Advantages:

It may reduce operation cost in the long run.
RFID Equipment damage occurs much less frequently as compared to other magnetic strips or bar code systems. •An individual can potentially be identified and charged with right fare by simply carrying the RFID smart-card. •RFID scan time is much less as compared to old fashioned bar code scanning time. Disadvantages:

Cost of diffusion and implementation for an RFID System can be high. •RFID has the potential of seriously invading people’s privacy. •RFID Technology involves software that allows each user to be identified by central database. Because of this, it is possible for hackers to attack the system easily. •There is a possibility of poor read rate if the reader and receiver are not properly aligned. •When multiple tags and readers are at work simultaneously, there is a possibility of having double charges. Even though RFID Seems to be faster than bar-coding process but the comparison between the two shows the following: •There is a big difference between the two systems for read range. For a passive Ultra High Frequency (UHF) for up to 40 feet and active RFID For up to 100 feet, there is no read range required in most cases but a bar code system requires having read range from several inches up to several feet. •Read Rate: RFID can read anywhere from 10’s to 1000’s simultaneously and bar code system can only read one at a time. •Identification: RFID can uniquely identify each item/asset tagged and bar code only identify the type of item i.e, UPC Code but not uniquely. •Read/Write: Many RFID tags can read and write whereas barcode system can only read. •Technology: RFID technology is based on radio frequency and barcode...
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