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Where are your BPO Providers today?

India ranked first in our survey on where financial services companies’ BPO providers are located with 21% of the votes. Russia came in next with 10% followed by the Philippines (9%) and Eastern Europe (8%). The United States, Mexico, and Israel tied at 7%. (source FSOoutsourcing.com)inShare India with its large pool of knowledge population is fast becoming the favorite hub for knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). KPO is an extended arm of businessprocess outsourcing (BPO) whereby KPO includes the process of creating, sharing and maintaining of knowledge. Recently a report was published by ASSOCHAM, the apex industrial body of India on the KPO sector in India. The report highlighted that earnings of Indian KPO in 2011 was $8 billion and is expected to grow at a rate of 25-27% by the end of the year 2012.

Today more and more outsourcing companies are turning to include knowledgeprocess outsourcing into their service portfolios eyeing the boom in the sector. Indian outsourcing companies are betting high on the available large pool of domain experts in the nation. India possesses a large pool of experts in various fields like engineering, medical, management, economy etc. Tapping into this talent pool has enabled the outsourcing companies to offer quality services to overseas clients at competitive prices. Indian KPO companies offers KPO services in following domains: 1. Research and development

2. Business and market research
3. Training and consultancy
4. Legal services
5. Data analytics
6. Content marketing
7. Medical services
8. Engineering services etc.
Why India is the most preferred destination for knowledge process outsourcing? Benefits in outsourcing knowledge processing to India
1. The first and foremost benefit of KPO services in India is that it is cost effective. India is a hub to talented professional people in various domains. Companies can access these talents at a low...
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