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Group Report: Boutique Hotels in the UK and France– Group University of Surrey The Hospitality Business Group Assignment

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Group Report: Boutique Hotels in the UK and France– Group Contents: 1. Introduction 2. History of Boutique Hotels 2.1. Where the story started 2.2. The name – Boutique 3. Characteristics of Boutique Hotels 3.1. Unique 3.2. Size 3.3. Location 3.4. Structure of the sector 4. UK 4.1. Key Players 4.2. Staffing 4.3. Price 4.4. Target Market 4.5. Location 5. France 5.1. Key Players 5.2. Staffing 5.3. Price 5.4. Target Market 5.5. Location 6. Service Offerings 6.1. UK 6.2. France 6.3. UK and France Compared 7. Current Issues and Performance 7.1. UK 7.2. France 8. Future Growth 8.1. Graph 1 8.2. Graph 2 8.3. Rate of Growth 9. Reasons for Growth 9.1. UK 9.2. France 10. Conclusion 11. References 12. Appendices Illustrations: Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 4 7 7 8 Page: 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5/6 6 6 6 6/7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 8 8 9/10/11 11


Group Report: Boutique Hotels in the UK and France– Group Boutique Hotels in the UK and France 1. Introduction For our report and presentation we have decided to look at the Hospitality sector of Boutique hotels in the UK and France, the areas we have studied include the history and background of the sector, location characteristics, product and service offering and current issues and future trend. 2. History of Boutique Hotels 2.1. Where the story started Ambiguity surrounds the history of this hospitality sector but our research shows that it began in 1984 with two business men called Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager. Though they weren‟t part of the industry at the time, they decided to open a innovative and different hotel, this now known as the start of the Boutique industry called „Morgans‟ located on Madison Avenue, New York. (Bizymoms Hotels, website, date unknown). 2.2. The name-Boutique The name „Boutique‟ was thought up by Rubel. He decided this was an appropriate name because he wanted the hotel to be thought of in a similar way as a Boutique fashion store; selling very high quality and unusual merchandise as opposed to a chain department store. It would be an understatement to say that the opening of this hotel was a risk as there was nothing like this at the time. The only hotels that existed were the „big cheese‟ hotels like the Four Seasons. (Bizymoms Hotels, website, date unknown). 3. Characteristics of Boutique hotels 3.1. Unique The one factor of Boutique hotels which differentiates them from other hotels is how unique they are in both décor and service: It‟s common for Boutiques to have a specialist theme which is then reflected in the services they offer and their décor, for example a chocolate hotel in the UK. This individuality ensures you won‟t find two Boutique hotels that are the same because each hotel‟s aim is to be original and create a service like no other. (Boutique Hotels, website, date unknown). 3.2. Size Generally Boutique hotels are smaller in size often holding around 100-200 rooms and are mainly independently owned. However, this isn‟t to say that there aren‟t any chains, for example there is the Stein Boutique hotel chain but it‟s on a much smaller scale with about 10 hotels globally. (Bizymoms Hotels, website, date unknown). 3.3. Location A unique feature of this hotel sector is that often the hotels are built on establishments with a particular history, like a castle etc. Therefore you‟re unlikely to find them on a main high street but in more secluded locations. (Bizymoms Hotels, website, date unknown) 3.4. Structure of the sector The structure of this sector is ever expanding and new players are constantly entering the market. The boutique sector is made up of both independent boutiques such as Number sixteen in South Kensington London and The Scarlet in Cornwall as well as the big companies with chains such as IHG with Hotel Indigo and MWB with Malmaison hotels and...
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