Bounty Hunting

Topics: Bounty hunter, Bail bondsman, Dog the Bounty Hunter Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: July 4, 2012
RUNNING HEAD: Bounty Hunting

Bounty Hunter and the Fugitive
Kathy Thomas
Composition II
Professor Troxlar
June 30, 2012

Bounty Hunting
Bounty hunting is a dangerous and rewarding field to become involved in as a professional. Bounty hunters track down fugitives who run from the court system so they will not have to go to jail. But if people only knew that the bounty hunter will find you and hunt you down like a dog. Yester Years of Bounty Hunting.

Bounty hunters in yester years did not have to be licensed or hold a badge. The bounty hunter could be any one who decided they wanted the reward money to capture the outlaw. It all begins when Jesse James and others like him roamed the country side and committed crimes and took the law into their own hands. The only law back then was none. The bounty hunter found someone who had done you wrong and you would shot him or hang him. Today, the bounty hunter has to track down the fugitive and apprehend him until the fugitive is released to the proper authority. Bail Bondsman and the Bounty Hunter.

Bounty hunters today must be licensed and bonded. They are hired by bondsman who has had a fugitive not show up for court. The bondsman has thirty days to either pay the bond or bring the fugitive to justice. Bounty hunters normally cannot be a felon themselves. The Supreme Court in 1892 passed the law of bounty hunting in the case of Taylor and Taintor. As a bounty hunter sometimes a background check is performed and they are required to wear clothes that identify them as a bounty hunter. A permit must also be obtained to carry a gun. But like Dog the Bounty Hunter, the bounty hunter might carry mace and a paint ball gun which does not have to have a permit. The organization representing the industry is the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents (Becoming a Bounty Hunter, 2010). The bondsman hires the bounty hunter to track down the fugitive. The bounty hunter gets...
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