Bottled Water

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Theoretical paper: Bottled water production
Local company: CLARO

Student name:Keith Vervuurt
Student ID #:1053272
Student major:IBIS
Instructor:Mr. M. Hawkins
Date: 11/16/2011

Table of Contents
History of bottled water:4
Story about bottled water:4
FAQ about bottled water6
What is bottled water?6
What kinds of bottled water are there?6
The type of information that is required on the labels of bottled water6
Are there bacteria in bottled water?7
Bottled water on international bases7
Bottled water in the region7
The bottled water company Claro7
Questions asked at the interview:8
What process is used for the water we find in the brand Claro?8
What kind of material is used to make the containers for Claro? Is there a recycling process for this material?8
Is there a difference between tap water and bottled Claro water?9
Are there any kinds of ingredients added to preserve the lifespan of “Claro”? If yes, do these get imported?9
Does Claro export their products to other countries? If yes, in the region or further?9
Is there much competition in the bottled water business locally / internationally?9
Normally when you process something you may encounter problems that in practice you should not encounter but in reality these are 99% unpreventable. Does Claro also encounter these things? and if yes could you please mention some.9

Who is responsible for the regulation of bottled water here on Curacao?9
What makes Claro different from the other manufactures?9
Is there an increase in bottled water consuming during the last years in Curacao, due to the fact that our tap water is almost perfect?9
Is bottled water safer then tap water?9
Does sunlight affect bottled water if placed in direct contact, if yes can you protect this by the color or material of the container?10
What are the sizes that Claro offers to the client?10
Is it true that plastic used in water bottles can release Bisphenol A into the water?10
Is it safe to reuse the bottles that water is sold in by filling them with tap water?10
Does freezing bottled water cause toxic chemicals to be released from the plastic bottle into the water?10
Does Claro also make bottles for other companies or clients?11


I choose the bottled water company to do a research on because in the past couple of years I could see an increase in bottled water demand on Curacao. This made me curious to know what is or was the reason for this increase in demand. Was it maybe that our local tap water is not meeting the old standards anymore? Was there a hole in this market that local companies saw to jump in? Or is this demand all part of a trend of drinking bottled water to feel more superior then others.

Those were some of the questions I was asking myself.
One more reason why I was interested in this topic was that in less than years we could see different brand names of bottled water here on Curacao. A couple of years ago you basically only had one major brand that was SPA. Now a day you have so many I can just mention some like: Claro (made locally), Aquafina, Le Blue, Lovers (made locally) and others.

The importance of this paper is to see what the process is to produce bottled water. The interview will be based on the process of the bottled water brand CLARO, which is produced locally.

This research paper will not only be based on the local market but also on international market of bottled water and will also give you an idea how it all started and what the pro and cons are of bottled water.

History of bottled water:

People have been inserting water in some kind of canteen for thousands of years already for traveling or where there was a lack of fresh water. Back then it wasn't in plastic bottles, and it neither was it for commercial use. The first time someone bottled...
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