Bottle V Tap

Topics: Drinking water, Water supply network, Bottled water Pages: 4 (1112 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Cynthia Solomon-Johnson
Meredith Morrissey
April 7, 2013

It is Your Choose of What to Drink
In today’s society many people has chosen to drink water from these pretty shapes, sizes, color, and costly bottle that is taken control of the environment because of all this plastic in the land fill that cannot be recycled. To really help with this problem, one could just go and buy a real cool container that can hold tap water and just refill when needed. Tap water has been around for years and has been used more often than the resent years when bottle water came into the picture and everyone wanted to carry that bottle and be in the style with the others. When looking at the vise majority who drink bottle water some would say this is the best way for them to get what they need out of water but that bottle is costing you more than just going to the facet and refilling. In the Nutrition and Healthy Eating by the Mayo Clinic states that tap water is just as healthy as bottle water. In their research it is basically the individual who should choose if to drink out of the tap or use a bottle. Researchers have found that those who are undergoing chemotherapy, has HIV/AIDS, or have received a transplant is more vulnerable to get sick from drinking water from a bottle. The major points of tap water is it is daily inspected when bottled water is only checked monthly by requirement. The healthy tap water contain traces of chlorine which helps prevent the spread of harmful bacterial infections and the bottled is not.(

Many think that bottled water is healthier for you but in all reality tap is in the lead because of all the testing and steps tap water has to meet according to the standards before reaching your home. Most people chooses that nice very expensive bottle of water has no idea that it is coming straight from the tap or from municipal water sources...
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