Botstein's Critique of the American High School

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Botstein’s critique of the American High School
Reading Leon Botstein’s critique of the American high school really made me think about what would be most beneficial to our country. Is eight years of school too long? I disagree with Botstein's critique because of maturity, work load, and adulthood.

When students are walking through the halls of the American high school, most sixteen year olds are not acting like mature adults - they are teenagers! Sixteen year olds are not mature enough to handle living on their own or in a dorm at this age, and taking responsibility for themselves. That is the time to make mistakes, and learn for later in life. At age sixteen, you are just allowed to get your license. Getting your license and head off to college is a huge change. If the school graduation age was lowered, driving would probably need to be lowered too. That would cause for more crashes, deaths, and injuries then there are now.

If Junior High is cut out of the picture, the homework load would mostly likely be increased by a ton, since three years of schooling was cut out, making student’s tests so long and hard. This woul probably cause school days to become longer too. This change would create so much stress within these secondary schools, many students probably drop out. High schools now are giving students so much homework and hard tests, it is almost unbearable. Imagine if three extra years were added on top of your three years of high school. That is six years of learning, with only three years to learn it. But on the opposing side agreeing with Botstein, some teachers are so easy, you do not understand how that can be your level of learning. Botstein says “Given the poor quality of recruitment and training for high school teacher, it is no wonder the curriculum and the enterprise of learning hold so little sway over young people” (153).

Most high school students wait to get a job until 16, but if they graduate at 16, you would need to...
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