Book Review Fault in Our Stars

Topics: Novel, Love, Fiction Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Randi Chickite

The Fault in Our Stars

John Green

You know that empty feeling when you’ve lost everything? Cancer kills. A majority of us have experienced at least one tragic event; whether if it was a death of the loved one, being diagnosed with a disease, or even being involve in a traumatic situation. John Green’s Fault in Our Stars, does an astonishing job at describing the life of a teenage girl who lives with cancer. The way that Green writes about love, sadness, and loneliness, is very inspiring. He knows how to catch your attention, and keep it until the very last page of the novel. Even after he still keeps you wondering, “what’s next?” As well as his writing style, his books, especially “Fault in Our Stars,” can attract any age readers who are looking for a heart touching, motivated novel to read and paint out in their head. Green’s writing background has great views along 4+ stars on all of his novels-After all he is one of New York Times Best Selling Author.

The connection I’ve made with this triumphant yet classic novel, Fault in Our Stars, was pure empathy. Hazel, the cancer ticking time bomb, has been through a huge amount strain with her disease: stage four thyroid cancer. Green’s novel, I believe, was so greatly portrayed in first person from Hazel’s point of view, that I felt I was experiencing every moment of her life with her. Her love life on the other hand, how Green described every detail, was so in depth that it had gave me the feeling like I had pulled my heart out, cut it up and thrown it away, leaving me to pick up the pieces. However, it’s safe to say that myself and a majority of the other readers of this aspiring novel, believe that this book is about love and ambition, not just about depression and loneliness. Likewise, Augustus, also known as Gus, Hazel’s star crossed lover, prominently changed the tone of the novel from scared, dark and miserable, to happy, determined and content. In other words, Hazel who...
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