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  • Published: April 5, 2013
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The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America Book Review
The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America is a New York Times Bestseller written by the L.A. radio host Larry Elder. Larry Elder is an African American libertarian who wrote this book to tell the truth about the United States of America. Larry Elder divides his book into ten chapters that each illustrates his political point of view. I will analyze the purpose of each chapter including: “Blacks are more racist than whites, white condescension is more damaging than white racism, there is no health care crisis, the war on drugs is the new Vietnam….and we’re losing, Republicans and Democrats are the same beast in different rhetoric, gun control advocates have blood on their hands, America’s greatest problem? Illegitimacy, the welfare state is our national narcotic, there is no glass ceiling, the media bias: it’s real, it’s widespread, and it’s destructive” (Back cover).

The first chapter, “blacks are more racist than whites” suggest that blacks are considered in his opinion to be a victicrat. Meaning they blame all of there problems and unhappiness on others. Elder goes against his cultural norm and instead calls the black culture out for not accepting the fact that they are treated equally in America. In fact blacks have the same opportunities as whites do, but people are still complaining and blaming white people for holding them back. Elder points the importance that Americans must fight a victicrat mentality. Elder believes that an affirmative attitude can help improve Americans. I have heard of this before I read the book and it was interesting to hear an African American comment on other African Americans mentality. Elder proves that there are some blacks out there that do not want to accept the fact that they can be equal now more than ever before. I think if the government gets out of the picture, then black people will be more motivated to better themselves and stop blaming others.

“White condescension is as bad as black racism” explains that black men and women do not need sympathy from whites to help boost their self esteem. Elder believe blacks face just as many struggles as whites; therefore they do not need special circumstances to improve themselves. Blacks have the ability to get a good education and move upward without everyone cheering for them. I have noticed white condescension in schools and I think that it should be eliminated as well. We live in a free and equal society already so why do we think we need to let people know they do. American is much more equal than it was 30 years ago. If the government stops giving special treatment to black Americans then they will have a better chance to pursue their own goals without government regulation and interference.

“The media bias- it’s real, it’s widespread, it’s destructive” Elder points to media bias from the republican and democratic viewpoints. The media bias is nearly everywhere and cannot be stopped. The media is guilty of providing one side, unfair stories that support their own general viewpoints. Elder helped point out to me the bias in the media. I can see how almost all news stations are biased and how that is unfair for the viewers.

“ The glass ceiling-full of holes” Elder points to his belief that chauvinism and feminism are ridiculous pursuits. Elder proves that women make the same amount of money as men for the same type of work. In fact women start business faster than men and most men now have female bosses. Men tend to compete more to be police officers. However, “nearly 25% of married women out earn their spouse” (136). I believe that Elder proved the point that men do not hold women back from being successful nowadays.

“America’s greatest problem: not crime, racism, or bad schools, its illegitimacy”. Elder points out here the importance of having a strong family values. Children having children and divorced families are being paid for by the government. Elder believe that...
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