Book Report the Jungle

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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, is fictional story that deals with a very real and shocking reality associated with turn of the century American immigrants. It is a story of a Lithuanian man, Jurgis Rudkus, who comes to America in search of the “dream” with his new fiancee and her family. In their search, they actually find something totally different from the American dream. What they discover is a world of corruption, injustice, and poverty. The lives of immigrants today differ from the lives of the immigrants during the family’s time. Many immigrants came to the United States because they were looking to fulfill the American dream; the idea of the pursuit of happiness, freedom, equality, and equal opportunity. The Jungle also talks about Capitalism and how private owners should not control everything that has to do with production and the public economy. Most immigrants tried and often times failed to rally against big bosses. The immigrants of today come in much quicker, easier, and cleaner ways. Immigrants today can travel by plane, car, or foot. They do not have to experience the same horrors that immigrants before today faced. Immigrants come from many areas, but most immigrants came from Europe. They came because they were fleeing things like famine. Most immigrants came in high hopes of finding jobs in the growing industries. Immigrants today come to seek a better life, start or expand businesses, start their families, live the American dream, and some immigrants even come to America just to have their children be born American citizens. In the case of the family in the book The Jungle, Jurgis Rudkus just wanted his family to have a better life in America, which is why he moved them from Lithuania to Chicago. The Jungle goes into the overpopulation of small cities and the exploitation of immigrants, in particular Jurgis and his family from Lithuania. Sinclair had a cynical view of industrialization; The Jungle...
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