Book Report on Pride and Prejudice

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Book Report on Pride and Prejudice
The author of Pride and Prejudice is Jane Austen who was born in Steventon, Hampshire, in the south of England, in 1775 and died at the age of 41. She began writing at the age of fourteen as entertainment for her family. Austen’s early writing often made gentle fun of popular fiction of the time. Love and Friendship, her first book (completed in 1790), was not very kind to those writers who scorned emotional self-control. Northanger Abbey was written at the same time, but only appeared after her death. Sense and sensibility was begun in 1797 but did not appear in print until 1811. This book, Pride and Prejudice (1813), Emma (1816) and Persuasion (1817) are Austen’s best-known works. A more deeply serious work is Mansfield Park (1814); this has never been as popular with the reading public as the others, but to many it is the height of her achievement. Austen’s novels were fairly popular in her lifetime, but it was only after her death that they achieved great success and that she was really given the respect she deserved. Pride and Prejudice is one of Jane Austen’s masterpieces which are dealing with the everyday lives and concerns of middle-class people living in the countryside and towns of England. The story in this novel happened in England in the 19th century when parents were seriously concerned about their children’s marriage. It was very important at that time for young women of a certain class to marry well, since they had no money or property of their own and were completely dependent on their fathers first and then on their husbands. By showing how various characters choose their marriage partners and the mistakes they make along the way, the story indicates that it is incorrect to marry for property or position only, but it’s also stupid to marry without considering about those factors. They, both, will lead to unhappiness. Therefore, the author emphasizes the importance of an ideal marriage which is based on...
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