Book Report for "The Friendship and the Gold Cadillac

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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  The book “The Friendship and The Gold Cadillac” is about two stories written by Mildred D. Taylor. She used to hear a lot of stories about blacks when she goes to the South, and wrote the stories based on what she heard. Like many of her books, these two stories both reveal the racism remained in South after the abolition of slavery.   The first story is “The Friendship”. It began with four black kids going into a white store, where they met Mr. Tom Bee, a old black man, who surprised the kids by just calling the store owner, John Wallace, by his first name without any mister in front of it. Although he was treated rudely by John’s son, Dewberry, John Walllace finally appeared and gave Mr. Tom Bee what he wanted, but he also warned him to call his name with title. Mr. Tom Bee refused to do so because he had a promise with John Wallace years before that he could call him by first name without anything. However, when Mr. Tom Bee went back to the store again, John Wallace’s attitude changed.   The second story is “The Gold Cadillac”. Wilbert, a father from a black family, bought a brand new gold Cadillac. His wife, Dee, thought it was a bad idea to buy the new car and refused to get into it, while his two daughters Wilma and ‘lois were very proud of it. One day, Wilbert took the family with him to visit his parents in Mississippi. In the street, Wilma and ‘lois saw lots of signs that said “White only! Colors are not allowed!” Before the family reaches their grandparents’ house, they were forced to go to the police office because the police thought they stole the car. Although Wilbert finally went out of the police office, he was asked to pay fines for overspeed. Because it was already too lat and dark, Wilbert decided to rest in the car for a night. In that night, ‘lois felt herself scared and wanted to protect the family with a knife in the pinic basket. After Wilbert noticed it, he started to think about selling the Cadillac.   Both of the stories tell about how...
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