Book Report

Topics: Sarah Dessen, Rape, Future Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Book Report
1. Just Listen, Sarah Dessen, February 28,2008, 383 pages 2. Summary of the plot: Annabel Greene had what could be considered the perfect teenage life: cool friends, close family, good grades, and a part-time career as a model. At the beginning of summer that all disappeared. She is still traumatized by the attempted rape she experienced from her best friend's boyfriend, and she doesn't try to fix the broken friendships that are created when everyone turns their backs on her. She dreads go back to school after that summer because she thinks no one will believe her and everyone will hate her even more. Annabel's devastating secret is slowly revealed after avoiding many confrontations. Annabel finds comfort in an unlikely friendship with the school's biggest loner, Owen Armstrong, who has his own issues with anger, but has learned to control it and helps her face her fears and emotions. They eventually fall for each other. One day she meets with him and begins telling him everything about the rape as well as all of her family problems. When Emily Shuster, Sophie and Annabel’s old friend, almost gets raped by Will Cash (the boyfriend of her ex-best friend) also, she tells the police and school the school. 3. Significance of the title: The title of the book Just Listen plays a very important part in the book. When Annabel meets Owen, he helps her realize the effects of holding everything in. Owen has an obsession with music which is a key to how he helps Annabel. Through Owen's obsession with music he teaches her how to listen, and helps her confront the problems within herself. Annabel learns to Just Listen to the music and escape from the reality and the traumatizing thoughts that she thinks about. 4. Describe your first impressions of the main character: In the beginning of the book, I saw the main character, Annabel as kind of mysterious and shy. The author constantly shows flashbacks of the character and compares her thoughts between...
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