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Though we were all healed of the fever, some wounds were inside the heart and would mend slowly. Epilogue
What this quote means is that they have endured the least of their worries because they now have to deal with the fact that their relatives are gone. They have to go on without the people that loved them the most. They will get over the fact that they died, but it will take some time. To me this quote means that the physical pain is over, and now you have to deal with the emotional pain It’s hard to believe it’s over…It feels so strange, so sudden. We’re supposed to go back to the way we lived before, but everything has changed. Chapter 26

Everyone is back to their normal life, but everything has changed because many people have died and many people have robbed houses, and many others have been orphaned. I chose this quote because to me this means that a big thing is over and everybody is trying to return to their regular lives after the fever, but many of their family members have died. I glanced at Eliza. ‘May I go?’ ‘You don’t need my permission,’ Eliza said. She was right. I could choose for myself. Chapter 26 This means that she proved that she is mature because she took care of herself, grandfather, and Nell. She also has more responsibilities because she has no idea of who is still alive of her family and relatives. I chose this quote because I sometimes feel the same way. I could steer my own ship

Chapter 2
What this quote means to me is that she is becoming old enough to be able to do things for herself. How this quote relates to me is that a year ago when I wanted to go outside at night with my friends my mom wouldn’t even think about saying yes, but now she lets me go out with my friends. You can’t solve tomorrow’s problems today, but you can put some meat on those skinny bones. Pg. 107

I chose this quote because it tells me that I need take breaks every once in a while to clear my head. This also shows me that I need to eat to nourish my...
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