Book Monster Essay by Walter Dean Meyers

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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9.9 of every 100,000 teenagers are the cause for deaths. Steve Harmon is a high school student, who is sent to jail and is being tried for murder. The plot takes place in Steve’s jail cell and the court room. The lesson to be learned from the book is, if someone does something wrong they have to pay for it. The book is a murder mystery, that can entertain anyone. This book is a must read in my opinion.

The plot of the book Monster includes setting, main character, and conflicts. First, the story takes place in the jail cell and courtroom. Steve is on trial for the robbery and murder of Mr. Nesbitt. Next, is Steve Harmon, who is sent to jail for being involved with the crime. Steve is a high school student. He is walking around his neighborhood, looking for places to shoot a movie for his film class, on the day of the crime. At last, Steve does not know whether he did something wrong or not, there is also conflict between him and the others being tried for the murder and robbery. He is starting to think he did do something wrong. It is hard for him to separate himself from everyone else. Steve and his attorney are having a hard time showing he did nothing wrong. To conclude, there are many things that go into the plot of the book Monster.

The lesson of the story includes a lesson, quote, and an example. In the first place, if someone does something wrong they have to pay the price for their mistake. Being Steve is involved with the crime, he is put in jail. He will go on trial and see if he will get capital punishment, or even a punishment at all. Still, “My job is to makes sure the law works for you as well as against you, and to make human in the eyes of the jury.” Steve’s lawyer wants him to look like an average teenager going to high school, rather than a killer. For example, Steve is nervous, and he shows emotion unlike the others on trial. Steve is not used to being in jail. He talks about how bad it is, along with the trial. Most of the others are...
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