Bonnie and Clyde

Topics: Crime, Theft, Great Depression Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: February 13, 2013
On October 23, 1910, Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was born in Rowena, Texas. She was the second of three children. Her dad died at the age of four and her mother moved them to her grandmother’s house. She was a good student in high and won many awards like in; spelling, writing and public speaking. She dropped out after her second year and got married to a Roy Thornton on September 25, 1926. On March 24, 1909 Clyde Chesnutt Borrow was born in Ellis County, Texas. He was the fifth from seven children. He came from a poor family and needed money to survive so he started to commit crimes. His first arrest was in late 1926 for not returning a rental car; his second arrest was with his brother for stolen goods. Even though, he had legitimate jobs between 1927 and 1929 he still cracked safes, robbed stores and stole cars. Since he was arrested in 1928 and 1929 and was sent to Eastham Farm Prison in April of 1930. When he was in prison he killed an inmate for sexually assaulting him, which was his first murder. It was always said that he did not want to become famous or rich for his crimes but wanted to get revenge on the Texas prison system for what happened to him in prison. Bonnie and Clyde were well known outlaws, robbers and criminal who traveled the Central United States with their gang during the great depression. Bonnie and Clyde met at Clyde’s sister’s house because Bonnie was staying there to help her out. Bonnie was nineteen and Clyde was twenty-one. When Clyde was arrested for burglary, he made Bonnie commit her first crime by smuggling a gun into the prison so he could escape. Ever since then, Bonnie did not want to leave his side because she was in love so she went with him everywhere he went and was an accessory to crime. How Did Bonnie’s involvement changed the image for women? Bonnie changed the image of women because she ran around with Clyde’s gang and everyone thought that she had a part in every crime his gang committed. They went through a twenty-one...
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