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As we age, maintenance of bone health and prevention of osteoporosis go hand-in-hand. With this in mind, please list one lifestyle factor and one dietary factor that contribute to healthy bones. Changing your sleep habits could have an effect on healthy bones as well as stress. I picked these two because I struggle with this myself and it’s hard when you a college student and sleep and stress are definitely a factor. Vitamin was the one I picked for the dietary factor because first all I like getting that in from my oranges but I also think it’s one people don’t get enough of. Table of 20 essential bone-building nutrients| Nutrient| Adult RDA orAI*| Common therapeutic range for bone health (daily intake)| Dietary considerations concerning adequacy of average daily intake| Your intake| Key minerals|

(Ca)| 1000–1200 mg| 800–1200 mg| Typical diet is inadequate, averaging 500–850 mg.| | Phosphorus
(P)| 1250 mg 9–18 yrs
700 mg adults| 800–1200 mg| Inadequate intake is rare except in elderly and malnourished. Excess intake common with use of processed foods and soft drinks — ~1500 mg/day in men and ~1025 mg/day in women.| | Magnesium

(Mg)| 420 mg adult males
320 mg adult females| 400–800 mg| Intake generally inadequate among all ages, sexes, and classes except children under the age of 5; 40% of total population and 50% of adolescents consume 66% of RDA; and 56% of all Americans have intakes below Estimated Average Requirement (EAR).| | Chromium

(Cr)| 30–35 mcg, adult males
20–25 mcg, adult females| 200–1000 mcg| Common intake in the US is 50 mcg or lower.| | Silica
(Silicon — Si)| No values set to date| 5-20 mg| Intake significantly higher in men (30–33 mg/day) than in women (~25 mg/day), yet generally suboptimal. Silica is the first element to go in food processing.| | Zinc

(Zn)| 11 mg adult males
8 mg adult females| 12–30 mg| Average intake is 46–63% of RDA. Marginal zinc deficiency is common, especially...
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