Boil Some Water - Lots of It

Topics: Water, Boiling, F. Scott Fitzgerald Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: January 29, 2013
The title of the story is very important. It helps us to understand the story better, to guess what can be the story about. The same situation with the story “Boil some water – lots of it” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. “…a single imperative sentence, spoken by a doctor.

“Boil some water — lots of it.” ”
To boil… this verb has different meanings: not only to boil water, but also be angry, be frustrated, it also can be a boiling point. The next point that can be strange “boil some water – lots of it”. The word some also has different meanings, but the first and the most pervasive – not many, not much. It is clear, that it is necessary not much water. But in the next part of title we have “lots of it” – much water, enough. So we have using two opposite meanings in one sentence that makes us difficult in perception of the title of this story. In this story we also have shades that change a perception of the story – for example swift fluctuations or the first aid help. Through this ways of perception we can find new meanings of some situations and of the whole story. Pat was very angry, because he did not have good job, he only polished something, created by others. He also was not a boss, he was out of the Big Table, and he was only an extra. He was very upset, because of this fact. Some years before he was one of the bosses. But his time has passed and he can’t return his good name, his status, his glory of maybe good script writer.
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