Body Obsession

Topics: Anabolic steroid, Plastic surgery, Man Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: January 21, 2013
English 101
10 October 2012
Body Obsession
Society’s attitude toward what is beautiful and the perfect body shape forces many people to want to change their body by going to extremes, like using steroids or plastic surgery, to achieve what they believe is their ideal body. This happens in both men and women, they both use unorthodox methods to conform to the social standard. The media has usually always defined who is beautiful and who is not. Many people believe that they have to strive be like the movie star on television or the gorgeous women in magazines. Their self-esteem and confidence is directly related to the way they look. This has been an ongoing issue through many generations, the media and movies usually set the standard for what is considered beautiful and gorgeous. Women’s and men’s self-esteem has been dramatically declining because of the pressure that is put on them to be strong and pretty. The more reasons they have to use these different methods to get what they long for, the more extremes they go to achieve their goal. Women use many methods including plastic surgery to have dramatic changes done to their body. They believe if they have this procedure they will have more self-confidence and feel better about their self. This quote shows the emphasized pressure that young people feel to look like movie stars; “…I Want a Famous Face underscores the self-loathing of young people pursing surgery; although most of them are conventionally attractive to begin with, we learn in painful detail how inadequate they feel in relation to their template celebrity, whose imagined share of universal love (the love that is celebrity’s cultural due) they cheerfully label “self-esteem.””(Blum 804). But the risk of these procedures are very high, women do not focus on the risks instead they take them to try and fit into what has socially become the standard of beauty. These women feel that if they are not skinny or pretty that they are not worth anything....
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