Body Modification

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bodyModernized Body Modification
Body modification is defined as the altering, or adding too of one’s body. When many think of body modification, they think of tattoos, and piercing. Body modification is in fact a wide spectrum of different types of altercations, which may include everything from tanning to scarification. Simple modifications are not usually thought of as body modification, because they are so ordinary and seen as “normal”. Simple body modifications are; shaving, hair dying, teeth whitening, fake nails, braces, working out, and tanning. Some would even consider plastic surgery to be simple modification, because it is so much more common and socially excused than more extreme forms of modification. Extreme body modifications are; tattoos, piercings, implants, scarification, and waist training. Waist training is an old form of body modification. Waist training is the molding and shrinking of one’s waist size from the wearing of corsets and/or tight bands. Another form of modification is suspension, although controversial as to whether it can be considered modification. Suspension is an extreme form of modification due to the fact that it changes you immensely. Suspension is the hanging of one’s body from hooks pierced through the skin in various spots. Suspension is also an extreme form of meditation. One of the biggest reasons extreme forms of body modification are not socially accepted is because, it is seen as self mutilation. The difference between mutilation and modification is all in the mind set of the performer. Simple body modification is generally done because of insecurity issues. Extreme forms of body modification are performed because the person wants to add to their beauty. If a person is in the right state of mind and is mentally stable, they have the right to do whatever they please to their bodies. However, I cannot stress enough how important it is that that person is mentally stable; getting a modification done such as a nose job is in general not done for the right reasons. The fine line that separates mutilation from modification is the person’s state of mind, and why they are performing the modification. The growing culture of people who perform modification, see it as an art form, a way to grow spiritually, and a way to express ourselves to the world. The pressure to have a “perfect” body is pushed on all of us, everyday by the media. The media’s image of what is beautiful has affected modern society to the point that people (especially women) are being pushed to extremes to try and change themselves. Modifications such as; tanning, working out, and plastic surgery have consumed the lives of people. The pressure to be perfect is affecting not only our health but our emotional state. As stated by Dr. Benchetrit, “The elusive promise of perfection sometimes reaches so deep into the core of a person that it becomes a kind of madness. Is our national obsession with appearance a new sickness, or is it a perennial human concern? And is it a way of revealing--or concealing--the true self?” (n.pag). This pressure to obtain the “perfect image” is causes women to lose who they really are. This pressure of perfection is even more intense with celebrities. We have all heard of the hit TV show, Laguna Beach. Heidi Montag is a reality TV personality, and appeared in MTV’s Laguna Beach. Montag is the perfect example of the toll it takes on someone who is constantly pressured to be perfect. Montag became very famous, very fast, and became obsessed with her appearance and how she could change it. Although Heidi Montag was an already quite beautiful, quite successful woman, she was still not satisfied. In 2010 Montag went through ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, “breaking the world record of the most procedures done in one session.” All of her procedures included: “a mini brown lift, Botox in her forehead and frown area, nose job revision, fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and...
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