Bob Marley Biography

Topics: Bob Marley, Reggae, Rastafari movement Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Marley & Me
In the story Marley And Me, John and Jenny Grogan are a new married couple. Jenny becomes depressed that she can’t even keep her plants alive. This made her decide that they should get a dog in order for her to prepare for their future baby. After listening to the soothing reggae music of Bob Marley, they both simultaneously came up with the name Marley for their new puppy. Bob Marley was the connection between the two couples. They heard his music on the car radio as they drove down Biscayne Boulevard; they heard it as they soaked their first conch fitters. They fell in love with South Florida and with each other, and in the background it always seemed Bob Marley. “We fell in love with his music for it was, but also for what it defined, which was that moment in our lives when we ceased being two and became one.” Bob Marley was the ‘soundtrack’ to their new and exotic life together. Bob Marley, known as the king of reggae, was born on February 6th, 1945 in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica. His mom was a teenage Jamaican native, and dad was a 50-year-old white navel captain. His parents got married in 1944, which is a year before Bob was born. Norval Marley barely got to see his son Bob since his family did not accept marriage. A couple years after, Bob Marley was sent to a private school to get away from the gangs that were running wild. One of his first and greatest songs "Simmer Down" was based on how Bob was also known as a rude boy, and would fight back if ever pushed. Bob Marley is widely known for helping Jamaican music come out there worldwide. He has been a great influence in the lives of many present artists, poets, and actors. His songs were based and influenced by the social issues of his homeland because as a child he experienced poverty and violence. When he moved to the private school he was encouraged to play the guitar by one of his new best friends. What truly influenced him were the local performers down in Trench Town. Some of the...
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