Bob Marley

Topics: Bob Marley, Rastafari movement, Reggae Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Manoa Brown
Expository Writing 101
Friday, August 31, 2012
Roots Rock Reggae
Music has absolutely taken over this generation. It has become so accessible and varied in messages, style and/or lifestyle. Bob Marley is an artist that is recognized around the word as the “King of Reggae”. His music does influence many people around the world, including my self. Marley would not only sing his songs, but preached them to the public, his message spreading across the world. His music spoke the truth when know one else could. He was a fighter, a believer and an influential icon globally. Bob Marley had a morning routine just like the rest of us, yet he did in a manner that would be considered being shunned upon in the states. Despite the stereotypical dysfunctional attitude, he all was for a reason. His songs came to him while mediating. “Buffalo Soldiers” talks about how life used to be so difficult and yet he was able to make the best of nothing. Everyone can relate to a track by Bob Marley, whether it is mentally or spiritually. “Three Little Birds” released in 1980 was a huge success for Marley. The inspiration behind the lyrics of this song explains a little about his lifestyle, how he created music. Marley would do lots of sports throughout his day, ranging from soccer to surfing. He would sit out side on his balcony and embrace the nature around him, some say he if was connected spiritually to the land. The entire laid back lifestyle that seems to be the ambiance with reggae and specifically Bob Marley is definitely something I take into consideration in my morals and routines. We all have our role models in life, someone we look up to, an influential person. I have thrown myself into incorporating many little day-to-day routines. I look up to Bob Marley; his music makes sense to me. His message is clear and easy to accomplish through tiny actions. His lifestyle allowed him to never has a stressful life, meaning more energy and opportunist attitudes through...
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