Bob's Chocolate and More Accounting Cycle

Topics: Balance sheet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Depreciation Pages: 9 (1616 words) Published: September 7, 2012
Individual Assignment #1: The Accounting Cycle

Bob’s Chocolate Chips and More, a bakery specializing in gourmet pizza and chocolate chip cookies, started business on October 1, 2011. The following transactions occurred during the month.

1. The company issued 6,000 shares of common stock at $15 per share. 2. The company acquired office equipment on October 1 for $30,000 cash. The equipment was used for administrative tasks. 3. The company purchased $15,000 of ingredients on account. 4. Rent is $500 a month. On October 1, the company paid rent for October, November, and December. 5. The company sold pizza and cookies for $35,000. The transaction was a credit sale. The pizza and cookies cost $9,000 to make. 6. The company paid salaries totaling $5,200.

7. The company collected $26,000 of the amount owed by customers. 8. The company paid $10,000 for ingredients previously purchased on account. 9. The company paid $800 for utilities on its corporate headquarters and $400 for advertising. 10. The company borrowed $12,000 from the bank for additional working capital requirements. The company repaid $3,000 by month-end. 11. The company paid $500 cash dividends to shareholders during October. 12. The company received an order from a customer for two luncheons. The sales price for the order was $20,000 ($10,000 for each luncheon). The customer paid $20,000 in advance for the order.

Adjusting Entries
Assume that the company has a monthly accounting cycle. Use the following information to construct the corresponding adjusting entries on October 31. (a) One month of the company’s rent expired during October. (b) The company’s equipment originally cost $30,000 and was expected to benefit the company for 5 years. Straight line depreciation method is used. Assume a $5,000 salvage value. (c) The company’s employees earned $400 during the last week of October that will be paid on November 6. (d) Interest on the bank loan for the month of October was $450. This amount was paid on November 5. (e) On October 31, the company delivered one of the two luncheons ordered and paid for in advance by a customer (described in transaction #12). The luncheon cost the company $3,500.

1. Complete the following steps:
a. Use the FSET template on p. 4 to record the October transactions and adjusting entries b. Record the journal entries (including adjusting entries) c. Post them to the corresponding T-accounts (template provide on p.3).

2. Prepare a Balance Sheet (as of October 31), an Income Statement (for October), and a Statement of Cash Flows under the direct method (for October). Don’t forget to do closing entries before you prepare the balance sheet.

You may want to prepare a worksheet that is similar to the one-page summary worksheet distributed in class for the Chemalite case after you complete question 1 (the summary worksheet is optional).

This is an individual assignment. Submit a copy of the assignment by e-mailing to me or by using Blackboard's assignment upload feature. Please include your name and the honor pledge on your assignment.

FSET Template: Please use the following template to complete the FSET. See the first transaction for example – be sure to include both the amount (e.g., +10,000) and the account name (e.g., Common stock) below the amount in your answers (except for cash). For cash transactions, indicate whether the cash flow should be classified as Operating (O), Investing (I), or Financing (F) next to the transaction description.

| Balance Sheet| Income Statement|
Transaction| Cash Asset| +| Noncash Assets| -| ContraAssets| =| Liabilities| +| Contrib. Capital| +| Retained Earnings| Revenues| -| Expenses| =| Net Income| 1. Issue common stock (F)| +90,000| | | -| | =| | | +90,000Common stock| | -...
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