BMX: A Growing Sport

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Jeff Milewski

November 16, 2012
Change of Bmx
In order to complete anything one must have determination, and be able to realize that in order to achieve anything you must first practice. If one is to keep this motif in their minds they will be more likely to succeed at what they are doing. This is because perhaps they have natural skills in whatever that person is trying to achieve, or because that person was determined to get to that point. Like many things practice makes perfect. This is not to say that a person is going to instantly succeed, however if they are greatly determined, practice a lot, and have a lot of self confidence the greater the chances for you to reach that satisfactory point of achievement. Especially in sports keeping this in mind is definitely going to increase your chances of success. One sport in particular that this relates to is Bmx. Over the past several years Bmx has certainly become more popular, but some are still entirely unaware of what it even is. Essentially there are three different divisions of the sport: racing which is more commonly know and was how the sport was originally formulated, flatland which is exactly what it sounds like, doing tricks on and close to the ground, and then last but certainly not least there is freestyle, which I myself partake in. At the very least the most simple definition of this sport is perhaps, having the ability to ride man-made obstacles and do various tricks according to the setup. More importantly freestyle Bmx is an expression of each rider's creativity, in addition to being able to demonstrate one's skill. Ever since the start of Bmx as a sport which was roughly 40 years ago, the sport has changed far beyond what its original riders could have imagined. Bmx is a sport that continues to grow and ultimately change, in the ages of people riding, to the shape of bikes over the years, in addition to how it has become more dangerous, however the one aspect that has remained the same is an individuals love for their sport.

Bmx in general has seen immense growth as a whole over the past several decades. The sport began right around the late 1970's to early 1980's. No one is quite sure who the very first person to invent the sport officially was, however during this time period people began building makeshift tracks and bikes to accommodate their needs. As stated by author Cody Thomas from Ehow's article: BMX Bicycle History "When kids wanting to mimic dirt motorcycle racers decided to create their own dirt tracks for their bicycles." Even the name Bmx itself was originated from its motorcycle predecessors, B standing for bicycle and MX standing for motocross. I myself recently spoke with a Bmx pioneer. Back a few weeks ago I was having lunch in a parking lot down the street from the Three Rivers campus. Once I had finished eating I decided to get out my bike and ride for a little while, as I had a gracious amount of time before my next class. It didn't take long for my presence to get noticed by one of the construction workers who was working on renovating the building. At first I had thought he was about to give me the typical spiel and then kick me off the property, however there was something different about his tone of voice. "Hey man, what type of bike do you have?" he said. It was at this point I had realized we were on common grounds. We got to talking for a few minutes, mainly discussing how much the sport has changed since he used to ride back in the early days. He told me what it was like for him as skid growing up with it as the sport was taking off. "Yea we used to just set up ramps out of plywood." I found this interesting for me to be able to get a different perspective on the sport. In addition it was interesting that a bike company he was familiar with, is actually still prevalent today making a number of freestyle bmx parts, one part in particular I currently have on my bike....
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