Bmw's Dream Factory and Culture

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BMW’s Dream Factory and Culture

Business 520
Organizational Behavior

Describe the culture of BMW.
A company’s culture is very important. It incorporates a firms shared values, beliefs and traditions (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2010). Most importantly it is the rules and role model for behavior. BMW’s entrepreneurial culture has no doubt assisted them in being the successful company that they are today. An entrepreneurial culture is one that values creativity, the tolerance of creative people and allow freedom to grow and fail (Murrary, Poole, & Jones, 2006). It is clear that BMW’s culture was built around these factors. According to studies, new workers have no problem adjusting to this type of culture. This is because BMW’s entrepreneurial culture is more like a team or a family. They teach the employee s the history of the company and the mission from the first day. New employees are told about problems time for the company in 1959; using this as a way to educate new hires on how not to let history repeat itself. This culture also allows employees to work side by side with individual from all levels within the organization, eliminating the regular hierarchy that you usually see in organizations (BMW’s dream factory and culture, 2010). Team brainstorming is done on a regular basis and the company values and respects everyone’s input. This is sometimes referred to as a freewheeling idea factory. It is no wonder that the work environment at BMW is highly sought after; the company receives over 200,000 applications per year. Discuss the model of leadership illustrated at BMW and the related impact on the organizational culture. The leadership style in BMW motivates the employees and reinforces the culture of the company. Leadership can be described as the guidance of a group of people towards a particular idea (Murrary, Poole, & Jones, 2006). “Leadership is the process of developing new ideas and a vision, living by the values that support those...
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