Blueback Novel Essay

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Blueback Essay

In novels, characters are used to help the author show the way they are constructed. It is evident in the novel Blueback, by Tim Winton (1997), the construction of characters are what Winton uses to communicate the ideas that Abel is passionate about the sea, Abel fights for what he believes in and that Abel is loyal to his friends and family. These ideas are easily found, through narrative point of view and dialogue. It is clear that the author must deliver, character construction to any reader.

Through the novel, Winton has written that Abel is passionate bout the sea. Abel is a natural diver at Longboat Bay and loves being underwater ever since he could remember. Winton as used third person narrative point of view by how Abel’s feelings and thoughts about Longboat Bay and the sea being his home. It also shows how Abel feels when he is away from the sea and how he feels lost without it. In the novel Winton says “In his high school years, Abel Jackson felt like he was holding his breath like diving . . . From the moment he left Longboat Bay at the beginning of every semester, something inside him took a deep breath and held on . . . “ (pg.95) also it says “. . . he was a diver before he was born he . . . swam in the warm ocean inside her . . . so maybe it came naturally.” (pg.3) It is clear that Abel is a natural diver and how he feels lost when he is a way from the sea, He feels like a ‘fish out of water’. Through the way Winton communicates the idea that Abel is passionate about the sea, this helps the reader understand the character, Abel.

Through the novel Blueback, Winton show s that Abel fights for what he believes in. Winton has used dialogue to help construct the character, Abel. In the novel it is evident to any reader that Abel fights for what he believes in whether others agree or not. There is a conversation between Abel and his mother where they say “ Mum he said. I can’t stand it. We don’t have a choice. Well, I’m making...
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