Bloody Queen Mary

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn, Tudor dynasty Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Does Mary deserve the title Bloody Mary? 

In many ways Mary deserves the title “Bloody” for her torture and execution of Protestants. However, compared to 
other Tudor Kings and Queens, Mary killed far fewer of her rebellions than Elizabeth. So was she actually less “Bloody” than other Tudor 
leaders and therefore not deserving to be remembered by this 
Mary had had a hard life before even taking the throne and as a 
child had seen her parent’s marriage fall apart and also named a bastard. She had been separated from her mother, Catherine of Aragon, and 
kept away from the Royal Court by the jealous actions of the 
Queen Anne Boleyn. Mary had also seen her mother’s religion 
and the religion of the whole country changed by her father, Henry the 8th and 
his advisers. All these situations shaped Mary’s character
into one that was disbelieving, cautious and revengeful. 
Mary certainly grew colder and stricter as she grew older 
and she clearly dealt harshly with rebellions that questioned her 
rule and her desire to change England to once again being 
aligned with the Roman Catholic Church. This was evidenced in 
the way that many of the rebels who took part in the Wyatt 
rebellion were executed cruelly. 
 Mary’s marriage to Philip of Spain, a man whom she clearly 
loved but who did not love her in return also shaped Mary’s 
rule. Philip’s many affairs drove Mary, in her loneliness, to 
become even more extreme in her religious feeling. Philip’s decision to marry Mary was clearly led by his own 
desire to control England and his own determination to see 
England entirely Catholic. Her inability 
to have a child also made Mary more desperate, because without a 
child she could not ensure the future of England as a Catholic 
country, and if she died without a heir o the throne it would be given to her sister Elizabeth who supported the opposite religion, Protestant, and all Mary’s hard work and decisions would go to waste. All these issues ensured that...
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