Blood Relation- Myths and Plants

Topics: Hinduism, Garlic, Onion Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Blood Relation- Myths and Plants

Man has always made it a point in his life to interpret the effects of food in his life. Even we have myths about how hunger came about. And even though we are classed under the group omnivore, we certainly have the freedom and capability to adapt according to our desire and mood. While some chose not to eat anything that will embrace their auditory sense with its shrieks or screams of pain, some are named cannibals for their love of their own species. Myths and legends of the world have identified a lot of plants and animals and have them itemized under the holy, edible and poisonous heads.

The myths and legends of each culture, thus provides us with a tinge of scientific truth, which later became the foundation of all kinds of academic disciplines. Hindu mythology has been a reservoir of an amalgamation of such facts and fiction. Numerous plants and trees are thus been traced as a part of our culture and health. Tulsi (Occimum Sanctum) regarded as a holy plant, is the reincarnation of a chaste woman and a Vishnu devotee. Mezhathol Agnihothri’s wife buried the udder of a cow, which was brought to her home for cooking by her brother in law Pakkanar. Legend says that, from this meat germinated the Ivy Gourd (Coccinia grandis) plant. The Apple of Sodom/ Mudar (Calotropis procera) is considered poisonous and holy at the same time. The story of Onion and Garlic is a story which combines fiction with culture and health.

While Mohini was distributing ‘amruth’ (Elixir), all the demons were soo enchanted by her beauty that, they didn’t realize the treachery. So one demon named Rahu, disguised as a Brahmin went and sat next in line to receive the ‘amruth’. He got a share of ‘amruthu’, but before he could swallow it, Vishnu cut his head off. It is said that the blood drops which fell on earth became the onion, and the drops of ‘amruthu’ became garlic. No wonder they are shaped like droplets!!! For the Hindus, the alliums are...
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