Blood Diamond Study Note

Topics: Diamond, Blood diamond, Solomon Pages: 10 (3552 words) Published: March 25, 2013
sBlood Diamond (2006)
Danny Archer – Diamond Smuggler Maddy Bowden – Journalist
Solomon Vandy – Fisherman
Dia Vandy (see me no more)
Jassie Vandy – Solomon’s Wife
Captain Poison
Benjamin Kapanay

Ambassador Walker
Diamond Traders
Diamond Traders
Rudolf Van De Kaap
Rupert Simmonds

Sierra Leone
Civil War

R.U.F (Revolutionary United Front)
T.I.A (This is Africa)

Early Morning Solomon with his son Dia telling him to go to school so one day he can become a doctor instead of a fisherman like his Dad. SCENE 2
Solomon and Dia walking to school and Dia say’s one day this place will be a paradise. Solomon and Dia have a really good relationship. They see the RUF and run to the village to get the rest of their family. Soloman gets captured by the RUF but saves his family. Solomon tells Dia to run because he has to look after Jassie and the daughter SCENE 3

The RUF are executing people and cutting of their hands. We are introduced to RUF and Captain Poison who is the leader. They bring Soloman forward to chop off his arm, but before they do Poison says no put him in the truck because he doesn’t show any fear and Poison respects that. SCENE 4

There is a G8, conference about Diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium. Ambassador Walker is talking about the Diamonds in Africa. While the meeting is talking clips of slaves in Africa are shown. Slaves dig the diamonds and then Poison keeps them. Slave finds a diamond and tries to hide it in his mouth. Poison sees it takes the diamond and then kills him. The conference introduces Mr. Van De Kaap and Mr. Simmonds which are the people from the diamond business. SCENE 5

There is a high up shot of Africa where Archer is arriving in Africa off a plane to meet Drunk RUF soldiers. Archer does not act scared so the RUF doesn’t kill him as he gives him his gun and plays it cool. Archer speaks to Captain Rambo while he wants to go see Commander Zero. Archer talks to Commander Zero and says there is not enough Diamonds and says he will not help them with the government. Archer acts very calm and experienced. He is a good negotiator and is very determined to get what he wants. SCENE 6

Archer is crossing the border with cattle. He is attempting to smuggle the diamonds into Liberia with the diamonds inside the goat. He gets caught by an intelligent army soldier claims he is from national geographic doing a story on Liberia. The soldier arrests Archer after he finds the diamonds smuggled in the goats. He tries to intermediate, bribe and threatens the soldier but the soldier does not give in and they arrest him.

Back at the mines, Soloman is in the river trying to find diamonds. He finds the pink and he doesn’t know what to do with it. The water valve pops which draws the attention away from Soloman so he puts it between his toes and asks to go to the toilet. He runs into Poison and Poison searchers him and can’t find anything. Poison finds Solomon hiding the Diamond and asks to take it but as he does that the Government troops attack which injure Poison and free Soloman. He grabs Poison machete and does not kill him and runs away. He finds a spot and buries the diamond. He then gets taken by the government troops and taken to the Jail. SCENE 8

Now Soloman and Archer are both in the same jail. Poison is brought in and starts talking to Solomon about the big diamond. Soloman strips and starts screaming “where is the diamond!!” Poison threatens Solomon’s family saying “I will find your family” meaning he will find them and kill them. Archer is attracted to this because he is very interested in the big diamond. SCENE 9

Archer is released from jail where he meets the pilot who bailed him out. Archer is being watched by one of the Colonel Coetzee’s men. Archers name and photo has been printed in a newspaper as being publicized as a...
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