Blood Composition

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Blood Composition.
The following are components of blood - red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma (the liquid component). Red blood cells are the pinky white circles, the white blood cells are the big red blobs. Red blood cells do not have a nucleus because they do not divide and multiply Red blood cells are bi-concave, they are donut shaped.

Red blood cells contain a pigment called haemoglobin which can react with oxygen to form the unstable compound, oxy-haemoglobin. Hb+4O2 =Hb08 (reversible). It is the reaction of haemoglobin to oxy-haemoglobin.

The main components of the human circulatory system
From left to middle to right.
Pulmonary Artery
Vena Cava
Right Atrium
Right Ventricle
Pulmonary Artery
Hepatic Vein
Renal Vein
Head And Arms
Digestive system
Sex Organs and Legs
Left Atrium
Left Ventricle
Pulmonary Vein
Hepatic Artery
Hepatic Portal Vein
Renal Artery.

In this form, oxygen is transported from the lungs to the many cells of the body. Red blood cells are bi-concave so it can have a larger surface area, therefore gases can diffuse in and out of the cell much more easily. White Blood Cells

Some white blood cells are phagocytes. These attack bacteria by engulfing them and ingesting them. This is called phagocytosis. Some whit blood cells are called lymphocytes. These produce antibodies to kill bacteria. They are chemical compounds which can fight infection. Phagocytes have nucleus’s that are like sausages (lobed). Lymphocytes have big circular nucleae. Platelets are FRAGMENTS of cells which are involved in blood clotting. When an injury occurs, the platelets release chemicals which convert fibrinogen (soluble) to fibrin (insoluble). Fibrin is the substance that forms the main part of the cell. Arteries, Veins and Capillaries.

Blood flows around the body enclosed within blood vessels.
Since blood is enclosed within these vessels at all times we have what is...
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