Blood Brothers Analysis

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  • Published : March 2, 2011
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Blood Brothers is a very intricately crafted play, full of techniques and themes that create a complex and brilliant piece.

During Blood brothers there are a variety of relationships between different characters. These relationships are portrayed using many different techniques, which are subtle and clever. For example, the relationship between Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons is shown to be quite distant, which is very realistic of the women’s different status at that time. This is presented through the use of levels, Mrs Johnstone on the floor and Mrs Lyons standing up, showing their different levels of power. Also, the proxemics of the two characters are normally quite far apart, again showing that they are not close and this is a working relationship.

The role of the narrator in this play seems to be vital, as he brings the story along with narrations at different points. However, he is also part of the scene and is always there looking on at the action, adding a supernatural like presence, which adds to the theme of superstition throughout the play. He also acts as the different characters consciences, saying what they feel but perhaps what they can’t physically express. He is like a shadow over everyone reminding them of the terrible things they’ve done. Furthermore, his use of voice is very powerful, as his deep tone cuts through all the action and reminds us of what is to come.

Marilyn Monroe is a very clever icon to use throughout the play. This is because using her as a reference sets us in the correct time period. She is also a good symbol, because she has links to many of the themes in the play including death, addiction and beauty.

Another point that is very well portrayed is the development of characters. For example, Mickey and Eddie begin as children, which we can see from things like: their clothing, hair, openness with each other, their relaxed body language and their ability to look past their social status and how they fiddle with their...
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