Blog Addiction: A Contingency Analysis

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Blog Addiction: A Contingency Analysis
Kristina Semenchuk
November 30, 2012
California State University, Fresno

For my Contingency Analysis, I will be analyzing the way I use social networking. Examples of social networking would be Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. These are websites that are primarily created for people to keep contact, come together, and share things about each other to whoever they please. The question is, do I use social networking the way it was primarily meant to be used? Is it good or bad if I take a different turn on social networking and use it other than what it is meant for? Websites like Tumblr are expressive websites involving blogging or posting photos and the question is, why? What is it about posting pictures and stories that is so satisfying?

It all started when people started getting Myspaces. I wanted to see what the hype was all about, so I got one and of course fell into the hype. Myspace was different from Facebook. Instead of posting short and to the point statuses, Myspace allowed us to put up long, blog-like structured posts. Unlike the rest of the kids who would post “pic comment 4 pic comment” or “my parents hate me”, I would find myself posting poetry or memorable stories that were funny or lesson teaching. It wasn’t so much because I wanted attention, but more because I wanted to be the person that made others feel like they weren’t alone in certain situations that could come off awkward or funny. I wanted to be the person that they could say “Oh, Kristina did this once, now I don’t feel so stupid” or something along those lines. I was more into the blog-like aspect of Myspace, so when Tumblr was invented, which is a website where one can post whatever they want to and express yourself in any way or form, I fell in love. Topographical Definition

Blogging is topographically defined as having a website or page where one can write and vent about anything they please for whoever wants or cares to see. Many people blog to release their anger or to make themselves feel at ease with whatever they are going through. To actually blog, one must make their own personal page, customized however they desire it to look like. One usually starts to promote their blog by using their other social networking websites to tell their friends to follow their blogs. Some people prefer to not have any followers because it is the private online diary that attracts the people that are secretive about their thoughts. Once people get other people or friends to start following their blogs, they then can post whatever they want whether it be pictures, songs, original songs, stories, etc. Operational Definition

The behavior I will be targeting is my blogging/communicating via social networks. The definition of blogging is pretty much an online diary to the public, or to whoever you wish to see it. I will be recording my behavior of blogging by using a paper and pen. I will record by writing down in a journal how frequently I blog and why I feel like doing so. Every time I get the urge to blog, I will write down what it was that made me feel like expressing myself, and I will do this all day to see how frequently I have the itch to communicate to the general public. I will realize how many times a day I feel like finding that connection to people. For back up, in case I feel like updating my blog or Facebook, I will also record how many times I blog on my Iphone since sometimes when I have the urge, I am on the go. Setting

My blogging started when social networking became a part of our lives. I was sitting at my computer watching people post Myspace bulletins about their lives and situations. That is when I realized how neat it was to have a connection to anyone who cared; I liked the idea of reaching out. The setting of blogging is anywhere as long as I am behind a computer or electronic device that is capable of going on the internet. When I blog, I am almost always by myself. If I...
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