Bless Me Ultima

Topics: Rudolfo Anaya, Mary, Walking Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Taylor, Alec
From the Author Assignment
Hi my names Rudolfo Anaya, and I am the author of the story Bless Me, Ultima, and I would like to answer some commonly asked questions about this story. I will answer questions numbered 8 and 10 today.

First, Antonio believes that the best god will be a woman because He thinks that she would forgive easier. This matters to Antonio because at this point in his life he realized that his own three brothers are major sinners, and spend a lot of their time at the town’s whorehouse. He then has a dream were he talks to god and god says he will not forgive his brothers, and then he talks to the virgin Mary and she says she will forgive his brothers. This shows that woman are more forgiving thus leading to Antonio’s conclusion that woman would make a better god.

Now to questions 10, I believe Ultima is a witch, but a good witch. Just because she assumes the title of a witch or bruja does not make her evil by nature. Ultima uses her power for good and healing instead of bad things like the things Tenerio’s daughters engage in. The proof behind my conclusion that Ultima is a witch is that when Tenerio came to the Marez household to test her, Ultima failed the test. She had to walk through a door with a blessed cross pinned into it, and as she was walking through it her owl swooped down and attacked Tenerio, and in that distracting moment the pin fell and that’s when Ultima walked through it. So she ended up failing the test and that’s how she is known as a witch.
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