Blackberries in June

Topics: Family, Money, Optimism Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Optimism is to Pessimism as Lazy is to Hard Work

“Blackberries in June” by Ron Rash, is about a couple, Matt and Jamie, who have a very pessimistic family, especially when it comes to the young couples accomplishments in life. What makes Jamie and Matt different from the other family members? They have a lot of determination, motivation, discipline, and are willing to make sacrifices necessary to get where they want to be in life. Throughout the story, the author gives a variety of examples of just how different these two characters are in particular. The three qualities that are the most different from the rest of the family are unlike them they are goal oriented, hard working, and make the necessary sacrifices.

Matt and Jamie have been planning their life together since high school and set goals for themselves to make their dream happen. Matt reminds Jamie after a disheartening visit to her grandmother’s house that this is what they have always dreamed of. “Some will say we are lucky when you’re working in a dentist’s office and I’m a shift supervisor in a plant, like we hadn’t been planning that very life since we were juniors in high school” (Rash 243). They have been making the necessary sacrifices to help them get that much closer to achieving their goals, as Matt points out in the conversation they are having on the drive home. “They’ll forget how we worked near full-time jobs in high school and saved that money when they wasted theirs on new trucks and fancy clothes” (Rash 243). The willingness to give up some luxuries in life to keep their priorities straight shows how committed Matt and Jamie are to their future. Even if it is at an inconvenience to others, as her mother clearly states when they get to the family dinner. “I know you all are trying to save money, but I wish you had a phone” (Rash 239). The young couple has put their immediate desires on hold so they can achieve the big picture they have dreamed of, planned for, and worked hard...
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