Black No More Summary

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  • Published: May 15, 2013
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Max Disher: a tall, young, dapper black man who believes the things needed for a black man to be happy are "yellow money, yellow women, and yellow taxis". Has a slightly "satanic cast." Tried to ask for a dance with Helen Givens but was rejected. Matthew Fisher: a reborn, whitened Max Disher after the Black-No-More process. He moves back to his hometown, Atlanta, Ga., and joins a white supremacy group - the Knights of Nordica - where he becomes the Grand Exalted Giraw. He runs multiple scams in order to earn more money. The novel is the story of his devolution into evil. In the end, he would have chosen to sacrifice his newborn child to maintain his power, money and facade. Knights of Nordica

Rev. Henry Givens: the Imperial Grand Wizard of the Knights of Nordica, he allows "anthropologist" Matthew Fisher to play a big part in the Knights of Noridca, and also allows Fisher to meet his daughter. This ex-evangelist was driven solely by money, but later accepts the black baby that Matthew and his daughter produce. Helen Givens: rejected Max Disher at the Honky Tonky Club in Harlem. She is described as "so much more ignorant than she was beautiful." She was the daughter of Rev. Henry Givens and despised all people that were “lower” than her. She meets Matthew Fisher in Atlanta, and they marry and expect a child. Bunny Brown: the friend of Max Disher in New York. He follows in the Black-No-More process and relocates to Atlanta where he aids Matthew Fisher in his schemes as Grand Exalted Giraw. He ends up with a "sweet Georgia brown." NSEL 

Dr. Shakespeare Agamemnon Beard: founder and president of the N.S.E.L. (National Social Equality League) who denounced Caucasians but secretly admired them, and promoted the greatness of the Negroes but really pitied and despised them. He later acted as a spy under the project headed by Buggerie and helped steal the information for the GOP. Also this character was described as a socialist. This character is a parody of W.E.B. Du...
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