Black Labor White Wealth

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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A great writer once said, "Those who the Gods would make powerful must first organize." Dr. Claude Anderson displays a straight forward manner in presenting how the labor of black men and women, from the days of slavery to present, helped to lay the wealth building foundation for this country. Dr. Anderson, based on his background, is well qualified to write about this subject. Anderson is president of PowerNomics Corporation of America, a corporation that is involved in major business development (PowerNomics, 2007). He first drew the nation's attention to the advantages of rebuilding the black communities in this reading of Black Labor White Wealth. Widely recognized as one of America's most influential, intellectuals and authors, it has been said that Dr. Anderson "popularized" Black history (PowerNomics,2007).

Dr. Anderson has a broad base of experiences in education, business, federal and state politics and successful social reform. He served as State Coordinator of Education for Governor Reubin Askew of Florida and founded the State Action Council, a coalition of black leaders for political action in Florida (PowerNomics, 2007).  Dr. Anderson was appointed by comer president Jimmy Carter and served as Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Department of Commerce where he headed the Coastal Plains Regional Commission and funded and directed economic development activities for governors in the Southeastern states (PowerNomics, 2007). 

In writing the author sought to accomplish analyzing history and proposing a reasonable solution to the sensitive issues of race and ethnicity. To disperse greater information based on facts and knowledge. Basically, Dr. Anderson wanted to give a more clear understanding on how as blacks we can reverse misfortunes and strengthen ourselves as a racial group. It was set in stone to present solutions and offering a practical course of action that blacks can take to become politically and economically competitive in America...
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