Black Boy, Mini English Reports

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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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Entry Number: 7
Page Number: p. 227- 228
Incident Summary:
Richard was in the elevator one morning were Shorty was working, and Shorty really needed a quarter to buy his lunch. A white man who also worked in the building walked into the elevator and waited for Shorty to be taken to his floor. And Shorty kept asking him for a quarter and he kept saying no and threatened him if he didn’t do his job. And what was about to happen next, Richard will never forget. Shorty bent over and told the white man that he could kick him in the behind if he gave him twenty-five cents. The next thing Richard knew, Shorty was on the ground with his pants down and the white man was laughing hysterically

After watching this event, Richard could not come to terms of what he just witnessed nor did he realize the strong feelings that festered inside of him. The strongest emotions that Richard experienced were the feelings of utter discus and sheer anger towards Shorty. The reason being is that Richard is a very independent and self respectful individual where he doesn’t let others determine who he is or who he should be. And after observing the incident in the elevator Richard could not nor could he ever understand why Shorty acted in such a manner and allow the white man treat him like a dog. Theme Tie-In: This incident relates to my theme because this is a perfect example of one of Richards strongest and deepest angers, which is the disobedience of the white man towards the African Americans and the humiliating disrespect that the African Americans receive from the whites. Significant Quote: “How in God’s name can you do that?”

“I needed a quarter and I got it,” he said soberly, proudly.
“But a quarter can’t pay you for what he did to you,” I said. (p.129)

Entry Number: 8
Page number: 242-243
Incident Summary:
For a long time now Richard has been told by Mr. Olin, the immediate foreman that he worked for, that Harrison is out to “get” Richard. But...
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