Bis 375 Wk5 Emerging Technology and Trends Paper

Topics: Supply chain management, Management, Marketing Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: January 11, 2012
Emerging Technology and Trends Paper
University of Phoenix
November 2011

E-business has come a long way since its inception back in the 1990’s. Many companies have had great success implementing e-business processes. The supply chain management process has also expanded its role thanks to e-business processes and e-commerce. Business opportunities based on e-business continue to grow as e-business and e-commerce continue to expand to different markets globally and locally. In this paper, the author will evaluate the effect of emerging technology trends on e-business and SCM (supply chain management). The author of this paper will use Groupon as an example of emerging technology trends on e-business and SCM. Groupon was founded in 2008 in Chicago and offers services or goods from local and non-local businesses to customers at reduced prices. Groupon, an e-business service to businesses handles the ads, marketing, promotion, and SCM of the coupons/vouchers being sold. Groupon presents a unique opportunity for businesses interested in selling their services or goods online through a extremely popular site. Groupon allows non-tech savvy businesses to turn to e-business processes to make money for everyone and saving its customers money in return through word of mouth recommendations and repeat business. Groupon handles the SCM through is website, doing most of the work for the business. It is as if Groupon is the storefront where a customer purchases a service or product. Groupon then issues a voucher or coupon for the customer to redeem at the business site or online store. The business is paid based on how many vouchers or coupons Groupon sold minus the fees that Groupon keeps. The business keeps track of its sales for its SCM processes to meet the demand and deliver its services or products to its customers. Through a new e-business concept businesses have increased their revenue while Groupon...
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