Birth Controls in Schools

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: February 6, 2011
Birth Control in Schools

I believe that some form of birth control should be provided in high schools. I strongly support this idea because; teen pregnancy is at an all time high. First, About one million teenagers become pregnant each year in the United States. The average age at which a United States adolescent has sexual intercourse is sixteen. Out of one hundred percent of teenagers, only forty percent use a condom. I believe that if high schools distribute condoms, the use of protection will increase, and the amount of teens becoming pregnant will decrease. Second, I strongly think that if a teenager cannot speak openly with their parents, they should be able to speak to someone who understands. If condoms were distributed in high schools, pregnancy rates would drop and there would be fewer teenagers with sexual transmitted diseases. Most parents probably think that if high schools give out protection, they are just telling their teenagers that it is okay to have sexual intercourse. In reality it is giving the teens a safe way to have sex, teens will have sex even if the parents tell them not to. Parents are afraid to put girls on birth control because they are afraid of what people might say about the child. If the daughter does not go on birth control and gets pregnant then what will people say about her then. Another reason why birth control should be distributed in high schools is because many parents are afraid to talk to their teenagers. For example, from my point of view as a teenager, I think that it will help us out a lot, because some teenagers do not have access to get protection. Why shouldn’t it be from a place that your teenager spends up to seven or eight hours a day? Teenagers would get a better understanding of their rights to be protected, if someone sits down and explains it to them. If birth control were available at high schools, teenagers would have it accessible when they consider taking part in sexual activity. Finally, A very...
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