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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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|Personal statement | |

I have always found science interesting since I was a kid and knowing that it is the discoveries in this area that make the evolution and progression of man as a race to advance at a rapid rate has made me develop a strong wish to learn more about the concepts of life, the processes and factors that lead to certain changes in our bodies at a molecular level. This led me into wanting a degree in biomedical science which studies the basic biological systems that establish all life from a cellular, tissue, organ and whole body perspective. The specific area of biomedical sciences that intrigues more are the areas of neurosciences and genetics, this because after a degree I would to progress into forensics. I have read The Language Of Genes by Steve Jones a book which I found very interesting that gave me insight and a more elaborate point of view on the ethical problems and enormous potential of past and current genetic research. I obtained a diploma from my secondary school studies in Italy which qualifies me as Chemical/Biological lab technician.

Even though I didn't have a subject related job during this summer, I think that my studies in secondary school which specialised mainly in science subjects helped me in gaining some basic experience concerning lab work and improving skills needed in this specific work field. During secondary school the part that I enjoyed very much was when we went on excursions to private laboratories. The most exciting experience was where we aimed to induce over-expression of a particular gene in bacteria. We used the polymerase chain reaction technique, the gel electrophoresis with agarose followed by isolation of fragments from the gel, bacterial plasmid isolation, restriction mapping and during class excursions I got to see the use of this techniques on a large scale like the production of antibiotics using the process of fermentation where the antibiotic...
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