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BIO 169 Ch. 20 S.G.

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1. The anatomical region found between the lungs that extends from the sternum to the vertebral column and from the first rib to the diaphragm.
A) Epicardium
B) Abdominal cavity
C) Pericardium
D) Mediastinum
E) Thoracic cavity
2. The membrane that surrounds and protects the heart is called the A) pericardium.
B) pleura.
C) myocardium.
D) mediastinum.
E) endocardium.
3. The apex of the heart is normally pointed
A) at the midline.
B) to the left of the midline.
C) to the right of the midline.
D) is different for males and females
E) posteriorly.
4. The outermost layer of the pericardium, which consists of inelastic dense irregular connective tissue, is called the
A) parietal layer of pericardium.
B) serous pericardium.
C) fibrous pericardium.
D) epicardium.
E) endocardium.
5. This is used to reduce friction between the layers of membranes surrounding the heart. A) Synovial fluid
B) Endocardium
C) Pleural fluid
D) Pericardial fluid
E) Capillary endothelium
6. This layer of the heart wall consists of mesothelium and connective tissue. A) Epicardium
B) Myocardium
C) Endocardium
D) Fibrous pericardium
E) None of the answer selections are correct

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BIO 169 Ch. 20 S.G.

7. Which layer of the heart wall consists of cardiac muscle tissue? A) Epicardium
B) Pericardium
C) Myocardium
D) Endocardium
E) Hypocardium
8. This pouch-like structure increases the total filling capacity of the atrium. A) Ventricle
B) Coronary sulcus
C) Fossa ovalis
D) Interatrial septum
E) Auricle.
9. This groove found on the surface of the heart marks the boundary between the right and left ventricles.
A) Coronary sulcus
B) Anterior interventricular sulcus
C) Posterior interventricular sulcus
D) Coronary sinus
E) Anterior intraventricular sulcus
10. These muscular ridges are found on the anterior wall of the right atrium and extend into the auricles.
A) Pectinate muscles
B) Trabeculae carneae
C) Coronary sulci
D) Papillary muscles
E) Chordae tendinae
11. Through which structure does blood pass from the right atrium to the right ventricle? A) Bicuspid valve
B) Interventricular septum
C) Tricuspid valve
D) Mitral valve
E) Ascending aorta
12. What type of tissue comprises the valves of the heart?
A) Dense connective tissue
B) Areolar connective tissue
C) Hyaline cartilage
D) Cardiac muscle tissue
E) Adipose tissue

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BIO 169 Ch. 20 S.G.

13. Blood leaving the left ventricle passes through which of the following structures? A) Right atrium
B) Interventricular septum
C) Bicuspid valve
D) Aortic semilunar valve
E) Pulmonary semilunar valve
14. In a fetus, this structure allows blood to flow directly from the pulmonary trunk into the aorta.
A) Fossa ovalis
B) Foramen ovale
C) Trabeculae carneae
D) Descending aorta
E) Ductus arteriosus
15. Contraction of the ventricles of the heart leads to blood moving directly A) into arteries.
B) into capillaries.
C) into veins.
D) through an atrioventricular valve.
E) through the apex.
16. Contraction of the atria of the heart leads to blood moving directly A) into auricles.
B) into arteries.
C) into veins
D) through atrioventricular valves
E) through semilunar valves.
17. Which valve below prevents blood from flowing back into the right ventricle? A) Tricuspid valve
B) Bicuspid valve
C) Pulmonary semilunar valve
D) Aortic semilunar valve
E) Mitral valve
18. Which of the following is a disorder in which the aortic semilunar valve is narrowed? A) Aortic insufficiency
B) Rheumatic fever
C) Mitral valve prolapse
D) Aortic stenosis
E) Mitral insufficiency

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BIO 169 Ch. 20 S.G.

19. What of the following chambers of the heart contain deoxygenated blood? A) Left atrium and left ventricle
B) Left atrium only
C) Right atrium and right ventricle
D) Right ventricle only
E) Left atrium and right ventricle
20. Which of the...
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