Biology Post Lab on Osmosis and Diffusion

Topics: Experiment, Diffusion, Weight Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Brian Toohey
Mrs. Heimforth
Diffuse the Osmosis
Section 2: Introduction

Step 1: The scientific concept of this lab was to see how osmosis transferred the substance through the cells to reach equilibrium. Step 2: My hypothesis was that the bag with 60% sucrose then it would be heavier than the bag with tap water or 30% sucrose. I thought this because I thought that there would be more of a substance change in 60% sucrose. Section 3: Methods

First get 3 pieces of the same length of tubing then get 6 pieces of string. Fold one half of the tube over and tie the end with string. Then add 5 ml of 30% sucrose solution in the tubes. Squeeze the bag gently to release air fold it over and tie it with another piece of string. Rinse bags under water then dry. Then weigh bags to nearest tenth of a gram and record. Then place one bag in each of the beakers. Then let them sit for 30 minutes do not touch. Remove bags quickly rinse and dry and reweigh. Then record results.

Section 4: Results
Step 1:
| 60% sucrose | 30% sucrose | Tap Water |
before | 6.2 | 4.6 | 5.4 |
after | 4.3 | 4.5 | 4.8 |

Step 2: As the sucrose decreases so does the weight. I have found that when you decrease the amount of sucrose it will cause the water to go outward making the bag weigh less.

Section 5:
Step 1: The lab experimentation did not support my hypothesis because the weight decreased more with the sucrose. Step 2: The specific data that made my hypothesis wrong is the fact that when we added less sucrose the after weight decreased as shown in my graph. Step 3: The results did not support my hypothesis because when the water was greater on the inside it went outside by using osmosis but when the water was greater on the outside it went inside making the bag heavier. Step 4: When we were conducting the experiment one bag might have sat in the cups to long. Step 5: I have learned that water is the only thing...
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