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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Basic Information
1. What is a clinical trial?
A clinical trial is when participants are used for research on medicals products such as medicine or medical devices. Some of these trails are to make the medicines or devices better or more improved than what they are. These trails are mostly conducted by science investigators. 2. What is the difference between an interventional and observational study? In interventional studies the participant receives specific medical products according to the investigators protocol that the investigators created and are done on individuals. In an observational study the participant does not receive any medical products assigned by the investigator and health outcomes are evaluated according to a research plan, the investigators just observe the participants. 3. Who can participate in a clinical trial?

Any person who meets the criteria in the protocol can participate in the clinical trial. The criteria may include a certain illness or condition. 4. What are the benefits and risks of participating in a clinical trial? The benefits of participating in a clinical trial you could get treated with medical treatment that is not released to the public yet, playing an active role in your own health care, and helping others by participating in medical research. Risks of participating maybe that you may have terrible life threating side effects or the study may take up a lot of time and hospital stays. 5. Where do ideas for clinical trials come from?

Clinical trials often originate in laboratories, after researchers test the new medical products and therapies. 6. What is a “protocol”?
A protocol is a plan that conducts the clinical research.
7. What is a placebo?
A placebo is an inactive medication given to the patient to see if the actual treatment is truly effective. 8. Compare and contrast the different levels of clinical trials? Phase’s I-III the groups get larger and the investigators test more things...
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