Biological Foundation of Psychology, Schools of Thought

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  • Published: February 2, 2013
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Foundations of Psychology
September 4, 2011

Foundations of Psychology
It is just another normal day for you. You were taking a leisurely stroll through the park before you decided to rest for a minute on a bench. And that is when you notice the man sitting next to you, singing quietly to himself. He seemed normal at first glance, but you begin to notice that he looks disheveled. Hair a little frazzled, and clothing a bit wrinkled. At first it seems no big deal. Then you realize he is not singing, but conversing with himself. And no, he is not wearing a Bluetooth device! At this moment, you realize this man may have a mental disorder of some kind. If you do not have an understanding of mental disorders, you may be quick to judge him. Although you should not look down on someone who has a mental disorder, you should not try to deal with them if you are not a trained psychologist and have a grounded understanding of psychology. What is psychology? How do people study psychology? The biology and theories of psychology are equally important. Biology is the cause, and the theories are the effects. To understand someone, we must pay attention to not only the psychological experiences of an individual, but also their biology. The Biological foundation of Psychology involves the electrical and chemical processes in the nervous system that cause us to feel, have fears, and develop thoughts. There are many biological factors that can influence psychological functioning. From the neuron to the different parts of the nervous system, each can impact mental processes and behavior. Genetics and evolution can also influence psychological functioning. Genetics and evolution interact in ways that psychologists are still trying to understand. Psychologists have studied the influence of our genetic designs, or genotypes, on psychological qualities, phenotypes. Research has shown that the difference of individuals of psychological...
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