Biography of Andrew Jackson

Topics: United States, Native Americans in the United States, Indian removal Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Lou Rodgers
US History
Andrew Jackson DBQ

It is the duty of voters and the electoral college of our country to pursue and elect a president that will sustain our country as a reliable and enforcing leader. These presidents are obligated to make the decisions of our country that will unite and better us as a whole. Our 7th president of the united states was Andrew Jackson. He made many decisions with the intention to fully benefit our nation, even if some were wrong. Such as The Indian removal acts. But many were right, such as the idea of rightfully opposing southern succession. Many of his ideas and decisions rightfully helped america and its progress towards being united. Andrew Jackson had many beneficial views towards America that many people agreed with. His decision to veto the national bank gave an opportunity to those who financially were struggling. Especially since they were humble. This is something that Andrew Jackson respected and noticed through the people of his country. He did not favor those who were rich that seeked full attention toward the economy. (Document 2). Another very beneficial view that jackson owned was his idea towards the succession of the south. This frustrated him very much. As he mentions “ The Union was formed for the benefit of all. “ Jackson felt as though until america was fully united, then we may not grow and prosper as a strong powerful country. This idea highly stressed by Jackson. (Document 5) Even though the country may have had a civil war, He would not let go of this belief.

Although Andrew Jackson was filled with mostly beneficial thoughts towards the progression of America, Some of these thoughts and ideas were wrongfully taken place towards the originality of the American land. This idea was the Indian removal act. This act was highly

pursued by Andrew Jackson because he felt as if the Native american people were not able to fully be in contact and were not able to prosper with a “civilized community” or...
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