Biography Edith Wharton

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  • Published : August 21, 2012
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Edith Wharton Biography
1862 Born New York City, third child of George C. Jones and Lucretia Rhinelander Jones. 1866-72Fall in family income, owing to economic depression, prompts move to Europe. The Jonses spend most of 1867 in Rome, travel in Spain and settle in Paris in 1868, move to Germany in 1870 and to Florence at the end of 1870. 1872Family returns to the United States, living in New York City and spending summers in Newport, Rhode Island. 1876-81Juvenile writings: a manuscript novella, Fast and Loose; a volume of poetry, Verses (1878), published privately by her mother; a poem, signed “Eadgyth”, printed in the New York World (1879); and one or more poems published in the Atlantic Monthly (1880) at the recommendation of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 1880-2With parents in southern France, where George Frederic Jones dies in 1882. She inherits $ 20,000 trust fund. Engaged to Newport socialite Henry Stevens but engagement broken 1883Meets Walter Van Rensselear Berry and Edward Robbins Wharton in Bar Harbor, Maine. 1885-8Marries Wharton, and couple move into cottage on her mother’s Newport estate and spend February through June in Europe each year. In 1888, they cruise the Aegean for four months. Develops friendship with cultivated member of her social circle, Egerton Winthrop. Inherits $120,000 from a Jones cousin. 1889Whartons rent house Madison Avenue, New York City. Four poems accepted for publication by Scribner’s Magazine, Harper’s Monthly, Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine. 1891-2Buys house on Fourth Avenue (later Park Avenue) in New York City. First published short story “Mrs. Manstey’s View,” in Scribner’s. 1893-4Buys Newport house, “Land’s End.” Visited by French novelist Paul Bourget. Publishes three more stories in Scribner’s. Travels in Italy and meets English writer Vernon Lee. 1895-7Experiences prolonged periods of depression and writes only sporadically. Begins work on The Decoration of...
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