Biodiversity Decline

Topics: Biodiversity, Ecosystem, Greenhouse gas Pages: 3 (1978 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Declining Biodiversity
Deanna Garrett
Jeanne Lambert
May 6, 2013

Declining Biodiversity
Biodiversity is important in ecosystems because every life form works together in order for them to function. When these ecosystems are disrupted or altered, or even lacks biodiversity, it poses major threats to all the life forms in it, whether it happens quickly or over a long period of time.  These threats include atmospheric pollution, weather catastrophe, climate changes, or even man-made influences.

When we hear the word ‘biodiversity’, it pretty much explains itself.  It is the amount of variation of life forms within a given biome, ecosystem, species, or even the entire plant. Many considerations need to be taken into account to preserve biodiversity and to protect these areas so that these ecosystems can function properly and prosper. With respect to the ecosystem and biodiversity, we need to remember that once our natural resources run out and when most ecosystems are destroyed, it is very hard to restore it to what it was. We need to consider our well being, as well as all the other organisms that we share the earth with. We use biodiversity all the time, whether it is direct or indirect. In order for us to live happy and healthy, we need a healthy ecosystem and it is our job to preserve it as much as possible so we can have functional communities or living organisms. When we lack biodiversity, our ecosystems become unstable, which in turn makes them more vulnerable to disasters and they cannot contribute to our well being.  The issue of biodiversity loss can be addressed globally, nationally, locally and personally. From a global standpoint, loss of biodiversity is directly linked to climate change. Many of the health risks are associated with changes in biodiversity mainly because the species that are slowly disappearing are the ones that prevent disease while the ones that are surviving usually increase disease. An example of this issue is the...
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