Bio of Pretty Boy Bam Bam

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Biography Of The Amateur Boxer Pretty Boy Bam Bam

Every once in a while, a flower manages to sprout through the cracks in the pavement. For the boxing world, that flower is Toledo’s very own Pretty Boy Bam Bam. Raised on the rough side of Toledo, Ohio, it would have been more likely for Bam Bam to drop out of school or join a gang than for him to become a boxing and internet sensation. Born on September 11, 2001, Bam Bam, otherwise known as Wayne Lawrence Jr., shares a birthday with a day many of us cannot forget. However, as Bam Bam takes the world by storm, we may remember that day as the birth of a legend as well.

Bam Bam’s father has been an important force in keeping him and his older sister off the street. Wayne “Toe Joe” Lawrence, Sr. first noticed his son’s gift when he was only two years old. “We were watching TV and this boxing commercial came on, Bam Bam picked up his two shoes and put them on his hands like boxing gloves and he started throwing punches at the screen,” Lawrence said. “I knew then he had something special from God.”

Since then, Wayne Lawrence Sr. has been working with his son to give him the most experience in boxing as possible. Bam Bam works out two hours a day, five days a week. Dubbed the “Golden Child”, Bam Bam can do an impressive 100 push-ups without stopping and is skilled at long distance running. In his debut fight at the Sullivan Center on June 18th, 2011, against Rubin the Hurricane, Bam Bam flawlessly won both rounds.

Along with boxing, the third grader at Toledo Christian School also is an aspiring actor and model. He was featured in the music video “Undisputed” by Ludacris and well as had guest spots on The Ellen Degeneres Show, First Take, The Best Damn Sports Show Period and Champions. A You Tube video of him boxing has received over two million hits. Along with all this, Bam Bam has also released a song with his father entitled “It’s Gonna Get Easier,” about his family’s struggles, like living paycheck to...
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